Hermitage of St. Spirito a Majella - Roccamorice (Province of Pescara)


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The hermitage was constructed before the X century and it is the most famous in Abruzzo. It represents the first steady home of Pope Celestine V in the Majella Mountain. The building is composed of three parts: the little church with the sacristy and a housing unit on two floors connected with a tunnel on the right of the door; the unit of cellas, called "Casa del Principe" (house of the Prince) with the remains of the old convent; the sacred step and the oratorio of Maddalena.

During the XVII century, the aristocrat Marino IV Caracciolo retreated in the hermitage and the building "the house of the Prince" was constructed, later it became a guest house.

In 1807  the order of Celestines became extinct and the monastery of St. Spirito was abandoned.

During summer, on Sundays mass is celebrated and on 29th August is the Feast of Perdonanza, celebreting the beheading of St. Giovanni Battista.

The place is very mystical, so many are the legends regarding the hermitage and the saint, such as desecrations, evil tales and punishments.


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