Hermitage of St. Onofrio - Serramonacesca (Province of Pescara)


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The hermitage is placed under a boulder, and it still represents a place of worship for the local people. The hermitage is very close to the Abbey of St. Liberatore a Majella, one of the most ancient monastery of Abruzzo.

According to tradition St. Onofrio left his body image on the rock and pilgrims lie on the so called "Cradle of St. Onofrio" where the Saint used to rest, in order to heal many sufferings through lithotherapy.

Local people celebrate the saint on 11th June with burning crosses representing the Fire of St. Onofrio and on 12th June people attend the mass in the hermitage and take part to the procession with a replica of the statue of the saint. According to tradition, in the past the statue left its place in the church during the night of June 11th, to return by itself to the hermitage.


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