Hermitage of St. Onofrio al Morrone - Sulmona (Province L'Aquila)


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The hermitage had been erected after 1290 by Peter of Morrone, who lived until he was elected pope in 1293 as Pope Celestine V. According to the tradition he celebrated the Mass wearing papal vestments before leaving to Naples. After he resigned in 1294, he came back to the hermitage. A large terrace leads to the building, restored after the second war world.

The hermitage still preserves the cellas, dug in the rocks, where lived Pietro da Morrone and his favorite disciple Roberto da Salle.

Under the hermitage is a grotto where people rub against the wet walls in order to soothe their rheumatic pains. According to the tradition the Pope Celestine V slept inside the grotto and left his body image.

The place attracts many pilgrims, especially on 19th May, the feast of St. Peter Pope Celestine V and on 12nd June, St. Onofrio anniversary. Pilgrims used to fill bottles with the water flowing from the rocks.


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