City of Pescara


Masciulli viaggi

Elevation: 4 m
Population: 120.286
Patron Saint: St. Cetteo
Feast and Festival: 10th October

Pescara is a modern city, located at the mouth of Pescara river. The city keeps the old Pescara (currently named Portanuova), a commercial and energetic area and the Castellammare Adriatico, a touristic area with palaces and noble buildings, dating back to XIX century.

The city was heavily damaged during the II World War and during the postwar period the city has developed and thus very populated, thanks to the emergence of close touristic centers such as Montesilvano and Città St. Angelo and the construction of the new railway station.

The city is the home of the patriot Gabriele Manthonè (1764-1799) and the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio (1863-1938).
The beach city appeals many people thanks to the touristic port "Marina di Pescara", the most important and the biggest port in the region.

Square I Maggio

Here resides the Nave di Cascella, a beautiful monument built in 1987 with the ship's bow towards the city centre, representing the city identity: work, travel and return.

Museum of Genti d'Abruzzo

The museum is located in the ancient Bourbon penal colony. It is one of the most valuable museum collecting archeological finds, from the prehistoric period and agricultural and pastoral data. It is composed of 15 big rooms with an educational and captivating structure.

House of Gabriele D'Annunzio

The poet was born here on March 12nd 1863. The interior rooms still preserve the original noble features. The stables and the corral were transformed into exhibition rooms. In the courtyard is on display the portrait of the poet, made of ceramic by Basilio Cascella.

 Civic Museum "Basilio Cascella"

It collects over 500 works of Basilio Cascella and other six artists belonging to his family. In the museum the famous Cavaliere Nero (Black Knight) is on display, the statue exhibited and awarded during the Venice Biennale in 1964.

Sanctuary of Madonna dei Sette Dolori

It was the popular hub of Castellammare Adriatico and it preserves the old-fashioned decor of a rural town. the only one original rest is the bell tower of the church of XVIII century. It was erected around a chapel with a miraculous picture of the Virgin, adjoining the simulacrum of Nostra Signora dei Sette Dolori (Our Lady of Sorrows).


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