City of Teramo


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Elevation: 265 m
Population: 54.436
Patron Saint: St. Berardo
Feast and Festival: 19th December

Teramo is one of the county seat in Abruzzo, surrounded by the peaks of Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains.

During the Roman period the city was called "Interamnia" and then Teramo, which means "place between rivers",  namely the rivers Tordino and Vezzola. The height of Teramo's splendor was during the Roman period, since many buildings were erected; temples, thermal baths, theater and amphitheater. During the Medieval period the city was dominated by the Lombards and it belonged to the Duchy of Spoleto. The church of St. Getulio conserves the remains of the Medieval period.

The current city was created in 1927 by Mussolini. In 1943 German troops went to Bosco Martese and here they fought against the men of resistance; the battle event is remembered as "the battle of Bosco Martese", one of the first attempt of the Italian resistance.


It was probably constructed on the remains of a Roman temple in honour of St. Berardo. It was erected in 1158 after the demolition of the church of St. Maria Aprutiensis and then entirely restored during the XV century in Baroque style. The interior is very well-constructed with two naves on two different levels. The altar frontal is decorated with a beautiful antependium made of silver, created by Nicola da Guardiagrele.

Church of St. Maria De' Pompetti

The current church is composed of the remains of the cathedral of St. Maria Aprutiensis, erected on Roman foundation and destroyed with the entire city by fire in 1156 by the Normans.

Church of Madonna delle Grazie

Once the church belonged to the Benedictine cloister and during the XVIII century was densely restored. The interior has a Latin cross plan and the altar frontal conserves the Virgin with the Child, a statue made of multicolored wood, made by Silvestro dell'Aquila.  

 Roman Theatre

It is the best well-preserved theatre in the area of northern Abruzzo and it accommodated an audience of about 3000 spectators. The remains are pieces of the ground of the orchestra,  made of travertine.


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