City of Lanciano


Masciulli viaggi

Elevation: 265 m
Population: 36.230
Patron Saint: Madonna del Ponte
Feast and Festival: 16th September

The current city is composed of a modern plain part and an old one, formed by four districts located on four hills, above the ancient foundation of Anxanum. The city was involved in the Gothic war and in the Byzantine–Lombard wars and in 981 the city was included in the Duchy of Benevento. During this period it was formed the Medieval city centre, indeed it is still named Lancianovecchia.

The city is famous for the Eucharistic miracle and it attracts pilgrims year-round. During the mass, a monk had doubts about the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation and, in the celebration of the Eucharist, the host and the wine have been transformed into human flesh and blood. The Sacrarium of the Eucharistic miracle currently resides in the church of St. Francesco.

 Cathedral of St. Maria del Ponte

The name of the cathedral is traceable to its shape, in fact the church was erected on the remains of a Medieval bridge, called the bridge of Diocleziano. In 1088 during the restoration of the bridge, damaged by an earthquake, a statue of the Lady was discovered and it was placed into a recess, then transformed into a chapel. The interior has a unique central nave, with a neoclassical design.

Church of St. Francesco - Sanctuary of Eucharistic Miracle

It was erected in 1258 in the district of Borgo on the remains of the church of St. Legonziano. Here, the specimen of the Eucharistic Miracle, the heart tissue and the five pellets of blood are currently kept in a silver ostensorium where they are treated as relics and visited by pilgrims.

The Mountain Towers

They are the only one remains of the city walls and they offer a stunning view from the Majella mountain and the Gran Sasso peaks towards the Adriatic sea.

Church of St. Maria Maggiore

It was erected on the remains of an ancient church during the XIII century. Inside a wood triptyque reside the statue of the Lady and the Child and the famous silver cross made by Nicola da Guardiagrele. The cross usually parades during the process of Holy Thursday.


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