Sanctuary of Madonna Delle Grazie - Monteodorisio (Province of Chieti)


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The church dates back to the XIX century and it is located nearby the sites of transhumance. According to the local lore, the water spring has healing properties and people used to sip the water in order to receive grace. The first Sunday of September the church appeals many pilgrims, also from regions nearby.

It was erected between 1887 and 1895 in eclectic style, observing the project of the architect Francesco Benedetti  from Vasto. The church is the only one Catholic structure in Liberty style in Abruzzo and it is famous for its paintings made by Gaetano D'Agostino, from the painting school of Naples.

The interior is Latin cross plan with two side aisles and on the marble throne resides the statue of Madonna delle Grazie with a crown of twelve stars upon her head. The façade is composed of three-centered arch portals, the main one is overlaid with a Gothic rose-window.

An imposing staircase of sixty meters and hundreds of stairs joins the sanctuary with the old town.


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